April 30th is International
No Spank Day


Adults must strive to ensure children and youth live free of harm including corporal punishment. April 30th is a reminder to ALL that we can raise children successfully without hitting and hurting!


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Why is there a No Spank Day?  What is Spanking?  Read more here
Countries Banning Corporal Punishment (click on pic to enlarge)

Also visit our parent page for web resources.


Create a No-Hit Zone

Watch the video CLICK HERE

WEB RESOURCES: Spanking/Corporal Punishment Minimize
For more information, please visit links below:
1)  Children See, Children Learn:       
2)  Global Initiative to End Corporal Punishment:
3)   Center for Effective Discipline (USA):
Reports, Research and Official Statements on Spanking
6)      UNESCO summary statement:
8)      American Psychological Association:
9)      Murray Straus Resources:
10)  25 Years of Research - What Have We Learned?:
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